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    My dad was telling me about these girls at his old college who invented a nail polish that paints on clear, and if you stir your drink with your finger with the nail polish on, it will react with the “Date Rape” drug and turn red.

    Dude. It’s genius.


    I saw this before and didn’t reblog it because it didn’t have anything to say how but now that there is a link saying how I wil reblog it.

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    America: Where dudes can get unlimited boner pills that have no other medical use but women can’t get birth control pills that prevent cancers, regulate periods, help with menstrual cramping, prevent break outs, and help with cysts. 

    I think it’s time for a woman’s uprising.

    Viva la revolution.

    petition to call the female revolution the Ovulution. 

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    A game of Never Have I Ever that takes a twist, and will leave you with chills at the end. 

    that is not what i expected, woah

    I thought this would be fun, but I got bitch slapped with life

    watch and learn

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    First teaser: ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show

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    how game of thrones should end

    #khal drogo just #descends from the heavens #on a flaming stallion #punches everyone in the face #and sits his fine dothraki ass down on the iron throne #until daenerys shows up #then he stands #dusts the seat off a bit #and steps aside for his khalessi

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    Real or Fake?

    This is probably the most frequent question Heather Rooney receives about her hyperrealistic sketches and it might be one of the nicest compliment to her. The 20-year old artist is quite making herself a name for her impressive portraits of well-known celebrities like Ellen Degeneres or Justin Timberlake. She says it takes her at least two and a half hours to sketch one of her striking realistic images. Her most popular artwork depicts the world famous Oscar-selfie including Jennifer Lawrence, Angelina Jolie, Bradley Cooper, Kevin Spacey, Jared Leto, Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Ellen DeGeneres and many more.

    If you want to learn more about Heather and the fascinating techniques she uses to draw her amazing artwork, then you should check out her Youtube channel.

    Follow Heather Rooney: instagram I tumblr I youtube I twitter

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    New from J.K. Rowling: Dumbledore’s Army Reunites At Quidditch World Cup Final

    it’s been seven years and we are still getting new stuff

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    Down the rabbit hole we go….

    this gives me chills

    This is one of my favorite pictures.

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